Say Goodbye to Paint for Good. Experience the Nature's Cote Difference.

Setting New Standards in Performance

Nature's-Cote has many performance advantages over traditional paint. Why just paint when you can add performance? As long as you are going to the time and effort to paint, it only makes sense to use Natures-Cote. It is priced about as traditional paint, requires no extra effort or equipment, but offer many more benefits:

  • Scrubbability: The U.S. Green Building council sets the ASTM standard for a scrubbable paint, at 100 scrub cycles. The ASTM testing subjects a film of paint to mechanical scrubbing. One scrub cycle is simply one forward rub and one rub back to the original position. Once the mechanical scrubber breaks through the paint membrane, the test is finished.
    • Nature's-Cote achieved a three test average of 260 Scrub cycles! This means the paint may be cleaned many times. The result is a paint that is engineer to last. Such durability is ideal for apartments, schools, daycare, hospitals and all high use buildings. More durability means less repainting over time which saves time, effort and money.
    • Some paints only withstand a few dozen cycles. The goal of a U.S Builders is 100 scrub cycles.
  • Soundproofing: Why just paint when for the same effort you can add sound reduction between walls? Testing done by Trilogy Audiometrics confirmed "a notable reduction of noise levels in the adjacent room" after the application of Nature's-Cote. Compared with other methods of adding sound reduction, Nature's-Cote is very cost effective. (see attached)
  • Insulation: Why just paint when for the same effort you can add insulation to your walls? Recent tests of Nature's-Cote have demonstrated a measurable equivalent R-value. As a result Nature-Cote can help a room feel more comfortable and may save money by keeping heated and cooled air in the building. Please contact us for more information or a copy of our insulation test.

Experience a Better Paint

When choosing an interior paint, most consumers only consider color and coverage. But, paint technology has made important advancements in recent years. Today, advanced paints can do so much more simply change the wall color.

Nature's-Cote is at the forefront of modern paint technology. Years of design and field tests have resulted in a truly superior ceramic paint. In addition to beautiful finishes, and great hide, Nature's-Cote offers many performance advantages.

This eco-friendly paint offers consumers a zero-voc formula, interior sound reduction, added wall insulation, and superior scrubability. Please browse this site and learn of about the advantages of Nature's-Cote.