Say Goodbye to Paint for Good. Experience the Nature's Cote Difference.

What we have to offer

Natures-Cote can be tinted to an unlimited number of colors. Combined with our three sheens, Natures-Cote will add a rich, beautiful look to your room. We proudly offer the following products:

  1. Nature-Cote ceramic primer: An insulating ceramic primer and sealer. Ideal for sealing new drywall and plaster. Provides excellent adhesion on existing wood, metal, plaster and masonry surfaces. Nature's-Cote primer is zero-voc.
  2. Nature's-Cote: Interior wall and ceiling paint. Our standard interior paint. This eco-friendly, low-voc ceramic paint offers high hide, quick drying, easy touch-up, superior scrubbabiliy, insulation, and sound proofing. Beautiful Flat, Satin, and Semi-gloss finishes are available.
  3. Nature's-Cote Zero-Voc: It offer the same benefits of Nature's-Cote but comes in a zero-Voc option.
  4. Nature's-Cote Enhances Sound Reduction: The same benefits as Nature's-Cote with even higher insulation and sound proofing properties. Each gallon is formulated with an extra pound of our proprietary blend of ceramic spheres, platelets, and particles.