Say Goodbye to Paint for Good. Experience the Nature's Cote Difference.

Natures Cote VS Paint: The Difference

Most paints use basic resins combined with inexpensive fillers such as calcium carbonate to add volume and decrease cost. In addition most paints are only 31% solid which means you pay for a bucket that is two-thirds water.

Nature's-Cote is 52% solid by volume and contains the best 100% acrylic resins available. Bright pigments such as titanium dioxide are added for beautiful finishes and vibrant colors. Finally, traditional non-functional fillers are replaced with ceramic fillers and 3M ceramic micro-spheres. The ceramic spheres pack tighter, are more durable and offer many benefits. These methods increase cost but add performance such as increased durability, insulation, and soundproofing. The result is a thick durable paint that provides a rich beautiful look.